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    Your Complete Move-Out Guide

    You can hardly wait to move into your new Nashville area home. You’ve been picking
    out paint colors, planning how you’ll arrange your belongings, and checking out
    restaurants and shops in your new community. While all this planning is exciting,
    there’s one very important thing you need to wrap up first—you sold home! Here are
    some smart tips to make moving out go off without a hitch.
    1) Prepare in the weeks and days before. The more you can get done ahead of
    time to prepare for moving out of your sold home, the better. On moving day, all of
    your belongings should be packed in boxes and ready to go to your new home in
    Tennessee—Moving day is not packing day! Packing up your belongings a little each day
    in the weeks leading up to your move will make the process feel manageable, and you’ll
    also be able to put the time and care into packing your things carefully if you’re not
    2) Prepare your kids for the transition. Change can be difficult, and this can be an
    especially sensitive time for children. While they hear you constantly talking about the
    “new home” they might be feeling scared or even sad to leave your current home. In
    the weeks leading up to your move, be sure to talk positively about the experience.
    This means no complaining about the work required or any hassles. They’ll feel your
    stress, so make it a joyful time as much as possible to make it seem like moving will be
    Hopefully, during your home hunting process, the kids came along, so the new place
    won’t be a surprise. After closing on your new home, bring the kids there to explore. If
    your kids are feeling sad about leaving your old home, encourage them to take
    something from their current home as a memory, like rocks from your garden.
    3) Handling emotions. Leaving the memories you’ve made in your old home can
    bring up a lot of emotions. Prepare yourself emotionally by letting yourself feel these
    things instead of trying to push your feelings aside. With the bustle of moving out,
    emotions will be running at an all-time high. Take the time to acknowledge the
    emotions of your family members when they surface and, should you notice yourself
    feeling frustrated or annoyed if the movers show up late or if your boxes aren’t fitting in
    the truck—relax. Stress will only make the move feel harder than it should.
    4) Make the move easy on your pets. Moving is also tough on your four-legged
    friends. If you can, bring your pets to your new home a few times to explore before
    moving in. This way, they’ll identify it as a familiar space when you arrive on moving
    day. Sometimes pets’ eating habits will change for a while after moving—they may
    seem uninterested in food for a while. On moving day, let your pets stay with a trusted
    friend or family member. This way, they’ll be out of the way and won’t pick up on any
    moving day excitement that could stress them out further.
    5) Keep valuables safe. It’s a smart idea to keep your valuables with you in your
    vehicle in a small bag or box so you don’t need to worry about them getting lost in the
    moving truck, or during unloading. Unpack these items first and keep them in a safe

    spot like a small safe or box you can easily identify and stow it in your bedroom closet
    or kitchen cabinet.
    These overall tips are a great guide for what to do when it comes time to move out of
    your home.
    When in doubt, if you’re not sure when you’ll be moving out or you still need guidance
    with selling your home, reach out to Jan Walters, your local real estate expert, for some
    one-on-one assistance.

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