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Winter Home Must-Haves

If summer is all about updating and expanding our outdoor living spaces, winter is surely the time for heading indoors and reveling in our home’s interior comforts. Winter conjures up images of curling up on the couch in front of a roaring fire with family, sipping hot cocoa and cider, lighting scented candles, and decking every hall with boughs of holly.

When you step back and take a look, does it feel as if your home is lacking a certain something? Not to worry—we’re here to help you have the coziest winter season yet! Today we’re sharing our top ten recommendations for fun and luxurious winter home must-haves!

KitchenAid Electric Kettle
$79.99 – $99.99 from Amazon

Perfect for tea, pour-over coffee, and filling hot water bottles, this durable, adorable electric kettle is sure to enhance your kitchen. Unlike the average electric kettle, which is a category of product that is known for failing within one to two years, this model is an absolute tank. Our staff member who recommended this specific kettle for our list has been using it 2 – 5 times per day for five years, yet it shows no signs of wear and tear.

Whether you’re buying one for yourself or to give as a gift, KitchenAid’s Kettle won’t let you down.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2
$129.99 from Amazon

Don’t let the winter chill sap the heat from your morning drink! Once you’ve made the perfect cup of tea or coffee, the Ember Smart Mug 2 uses revolutionary technology to keep your “cuppa” at the precise temperature you prefer. Use the app to set your temperature, then use the mug’s 1.5-hour battery or charging coaster for indefinite sipping nirvana.

We have heard upsetting stories of unwitting visitors popping this electronic mug into the microwave with the disastrous results you would expect. We enthusiastically recommend this mug, but we urge all Ember Mug 2 users to store this mug away from ceramic and glass items.

Plush Sunbeam Heating Pad
$49.99 from Amazon

Those with stiff necks, sore backs, and anyone who gets chilly at home will be soothed and warmed by this soft, therapeutic heating pad from Sunbeam. Drape it over your shoulders, allow the magnetic clasp to close across your chest, choose your preferred heat level, then get ready for a deep heat treatment that will quickly become a routine you crave each evening.

Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat
$66.99 from Amazon

For ultimate indulgence, add this shiatsu heated foot massager to your self-care evenings. The kneading rollers will melt away the tension after a long day’s work, especially if you are on your feet for hours on end. Go ahead; you know you deserve it!

ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow for Sleep
$19.99 – $39.99 from Amazon

Whether you’re curling up for a long winter nap or simply looking for a way to block out light overnight, this silk eye pillow will work wonders. Complete with soft pillows of either plain flax seeds or lavender-scented flax seeds, this mask is beloved for its soothing properties in addition to its fully effective light blocking.

Galway Crystal Longford Decanter & Four Glasses Set
$356.71 (60% off this winter) from The Irish Store

Do your winter plans include pouring a glass of delectable Tennessee Whiskey for you and a few guests in front of a crackling fire? Make your evening festive with this sparkling, expertly crafted decanter and glasses set straight from Galway.

Glass Bead-Filled Weighted Blanket and Cover
Prices Vary from Amazon

Weighted blankets have gained a cult following for their relaxing, body-soothing, sleep-inducing properties. This weighted blanket is made from cotton and filled with glass beads, and at 15 pounds offers a gentle pressure perfect for smaller women and teens. (Larger shoppers, there are heavier options for you as well!)

We recommend purchasing a washable cover (linked above), because the blanket itself is too heavy for washing machines and should only be wiped clean.

Irish Aran Knit Throw
$122.99 from Etsy

What winter home is complete without a lush, inviting throw? We love this Aran knit throw from Etsy for its visually interesting texture and soft, itch-free merino wool blend. Because this item is handmade, availability varies. Be sure to join the wait list if you arrive when it’s sold out!

Milkhouse Candle Co. in Cup O’Joe
$27.95 from The Balcony Boutique

Scented candles have become a winter staple in many households, and this year, we fell in love with this richly-scented, long-burning Cup O’Joe candle from Milkhouse Candle Co. This farmhouse jar holds 26 ounces of soy and beeswax blend, a soft lead-free wick, zero dyes, and has a burn time of over 150 hours.

Inspired by a vanilla hazelnut coffee topped with sprinkles of fresh cinnamon enjoyed on a farmhouse porch, this candle will invoke comfort and nostalgia each time you light it.

The Takeaway

We hope you and yours have a warm and cozy winter here in gorgeous Middle Tennessee. Stay safe, practice self-care, and we’ll see you out and about come springtime!

As always, we thank you for visiting Village! Do you have recommendations for fun or unique items that you love to use during the winter? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

If the team here at Village can help you with a search for your perfect new home, please let us know. Even during this quieter time of year, our extensive network of real estate professionals can quickly locate listings to suit your needs.

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