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    Find your community in Sylvan Park

    Nashville is a great town with great food, music, and the constant buzz of activity and people. After a while, you may be thinking to yourself that you want to try out one of the amazing nearby neighborhoods to settle down in your own home.

    Of course, there are so many neighborhood options! Are you looking for a community-focused, residential getaway that’s still close to all the city happenings? Look no further than the Sylvan Park neighborhood. Sylvan Park is nestled just ten minutes west of downtown Nashville and Vanderbilt University. What a perfect distance away from the hubbub of the city life but close enough to pop in for work or fun activities when you have plans.

    The homes in this neighborhood vary in style yet still seem to fit together cohesively. You’ll find a mix of cottages, clapboard homes, Victorians and Tudors, as well as newer designs. The same can be said for the people. You will find young professionals as well as young families and even empty nesters. The same vibe and culture run through it all: community.

    The culture of the neighborhood is very, well, neighborly. People are involved in the community and supportive of local businesses. People know their neighbors and feel very comfortable around them. The people of Sylvan Park also love their green space and being active.

    What amenities does the neighborhood have to offer?

    For recreation – McCabe Community Center has a fitness center, exercise classes, youth and sports programs, a playground and more. McCabe Golf Course and Richland Creek Greenway offer further athletic opportunities.

    For art lovers – The Nashville Ballet and Nashville Opera call this neighborhood home.

    For foodies – Richland Park Farmers Market, open Saturday mornings May through December. The neighborhood also boasts some delicious restaurants. Check out these recommendations next time you’re in the neighborhood.

    I want to help you find your perfect neighborhood. Want to learn more about the available homes in Sylvan Park?  Give me a call at 615-967-6660

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