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Alexandra Moga

O: (615) 383-6964 M: (917) 370-2063

Facilitating ease and success through care, clarity, and of-the-moment market analysis

At the heart of Alexandra’s purpose is facilitating vital connection. Through the cultivation of care, clarity, confidence, and the experience of steady ease, she guides her clients through much more than a financial and logistical transaction; she guides them home.

Alexandra’s home selling and buying process is a flowing, simple, values-guided journey designed to work from inside out as together, you achieve:
- clarity around your needs and desires
- alignment with your personal power
- trust through consistent contact
- rigor in informed choice, piercing market analysis and negotiation
- real results as *your* perfect space where grounding, connection and safety can flourish

Alexandra Moga
Village Real Estate
2206 21st Ave. S
Nashville TN 37212

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