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Joshua Gardner

O: 615.383.6964 M: 615.761.6567

Helping you find where you belong.

Joshua has never met a stranger and has always had a passion for people & entrepreneurship. Growing up in a family of small business owners, from a young age Joshua had an itch to one day own his own business. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, opportunities in the music industry is what lead Joshua & his wife to Nashville several years ago. After buying & renovating his first home, Joshua fell in love with all aspects of home renovations and construction. This new found passion caused him to pursue a career in real estate where he could combine his passion for people, home ownership, and entrepreneurship.

Joshua is committed to helping his clients feel comfortable during every step of the buying and/or selling process, and believes that it should be a stress-free and exciting experience. In all that he does he strives to love his neighbor, act with integrity, and lead with passion.

Joshua and his wife currently live in their renovated home in North Nashville. In his free time, Joshua loves to spend time with his wife, play with dogs, watch The Office, and go to Home Depot.


Why people choose to work with me:

"From the second I met Joshua he made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. You can tell he throws himself completely into his work to ensure his clients have the best experience possible. He is trustworthy, hardworking and thorough. I plan to use Joshua as my life-long realtor and I recommend Joshua to all my friends and family!"

- Louise

“During Joshua’s tenure under my management he was nothing less than excellent. His work ethic and drive helped keep our operation running smoothly. The best thing I could say that would transpose easily to the Real Estate world, was his commitment and dedication to always do the right thing. This is a quality that is not only valued in the business world, but life in general. The core value of honesty he possesses gives no doubt in my mind, that I would trust him with such a life changing event as a home purchase. It would give me great comfort knowing his values naturally promote him looking out for my best interest”

- Nicholas

"Joshua has put in a lot of work to make the whole process of buying a house as painless and efficient as possible. He pays attention to detail, and listens really well to our needs. We love that he does a good job of walking you through everything step by step, and you can tell that he genuinely loves helping people! We knew we could trust him to deal honestly and look out for our best interest. We would highly recommend working with Joshua. "

- Lindsay

"I have been so impressed with the drive and customer service of Joshua. He has integrity and is a very hard worker. I appreciate that he listens and respects my opinion and is not pushy. He is knowledgeable about home sales and improvements. Being that he is skilled in home improvements he knows how to help clients maneuver through home Inspections and repairs. I would highly recommend Joshua to any buyer or potential seller."

- Virginia

Joshua Gardner
Office: 615.383.6964
Mobile: 615.761.6567
Village Real Estate
2206 21st Ave. S
Nashville TN 37212

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