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Absolute Waterproofing & Drainage Systems
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Absolute Waterproofing & Drainage Systems
I have had a high recommendation from a friend for Absolute Waterproofing &
Drainage Systems' (615-361-1116). A month ago, I had a preliminary phone
conversation with them and was very that time they were
pretty backed up, but if they can't help you, they might also be able to
recommend someone, as they may be a small company
Here is what my friend who used them personally wrote regarding another
property on the Inglewood listserv in October of 09:
I attended an open house on Sunnymeade Drive yesterday. The house has been
sitting on the market for what seems months. When I went down into the
basement, it was clear to me that one reason it may be lurking so long on
the market because of water seepage and accumulation onto the basement
floor. Having had a similar problem resolved, I would like to sing the
praises of 'Absolute Waterproofing & Drainage Systems' (615-361-1116). Our
drainage system was blocked with concrete, clutter and debris, and this
company worked overtime at a very low cost to us, saving us from water
damage that could have cost hundreds of dollars. I can't say enough about
their professionalism and courtesy. They truly are the best! I left the
companies information with the listing agent, and hope that they convey it
to the owner's of the home. No amount of staging in a house for sale will
mask the elephant in the room when there is a significant and obvious water
problem. I highly recommend Byron and Teresa Lowe, and their business,
'Absolute Waterproofing & Drainage Systems.'
Referred by Sylvia Gianntrapani
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